11 Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers In India 2023

Motivation alone cannot always work, but you require energy to get things done. A perfect cup of coffee can be a great motivation and energetic input in someone’s body. So, if you are a Coffee lover, you would like to receive a gift item from someone you love that will give you a perfect cup of coffee for your daily routine.

Many people consume coffee in India, and therefore, there is a variety of things you can purchase for someone who likes coffee. If you have an opportunity to gift someone a thing, you would like to go for something they want the most. For a coffee enthusiast, the market is flooded with items, and you may not even be able to make the right choice.

Giving the best gift item will make the other person happy, and therefore, you must be very careful when you are getting such an item to gift your loved ones. Shopping for a family member could be relatively more straightforward because you know about their jobs and preferences, but for someone who is not your family, then things can be pretty tricky. It can be a challenging task which must be dealt with complete attention and care.

There is plenty of items like brewing equipment, coffee makers, jugs and cups in the market that you can gift to a coffee enthusiast. So, we will give you the details regarding some of the best items available for you to gift someone you love.

Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers In India

However, before we move forward towards the items that you can gift to a coffee lover, we would like to enlighten you regarding the essential considerations that you can keep in mind for getting the right gift. It is going to make the task easier for you, and also, you will be heading on the right path after reading the buying guide we have given you below.

#1. Wonder chef Glass French Presser, Black

Wonder chef has been one of the leading market players in the products associated with coffee. The French press is very compact and brews excellent coffee to suit the requirement of your table. There is no steam nozzle, and it is very durable because of its making from German borosilicate glass paired with a sleek black frame. The black finish gives a unique design and statement to your kitchen, and it has a uniquely built filter system. It gives you a vibrant flavour, and you get a grit-free cup of coffee every time.

The more you push down the stainless steel pleasure, the more amount of flavour and aroma you are going to get. When the plunger has reached its limits, the best system will stop extraction. It is straightforward to use and easy to clean.

The material used is glass, and it has a capacity of 350 mL. It comes along with one year warranty, and you can replace it if the product starts malfunctioning within the warranty period.


  • Versatile and can be used to brew any type of tea leaves
  • Non-electric functioning make it easy to use
  • Lightweight and easily portable


  • Manual operation increases the work required
  • Glass body can break easily if it fall from small height

#2. TEAXPRESS Finum Brewing Basket, Medium, Black

Perfectly brewed coffee can be obtained using this product as it comprises 18 x 10 stainless steel mesh. The basket has been made using high heat resistant plastic to prevent it from flaming.

Another reason for using the highly advanced quality plastic is to provide the taste and aroma without any effect of the materials used in making the basket. The lid ensures one temperature so that you can keep it along for a more extended period. There is also a drip-off system in the bottom, which prevents any dripping from the basket.

Purchasing an M size brewing basket will fit into the cups of diameter is 2.3 to 3.5 inches. It is dishwasher safe and straightforward to clean under tap water. The material used is stainless steel, and you cannot find any variety in the colours because only black colour is available. It is in the shape of a basket and comes from a famous brand. The weight of the item is 50 g, and it is very much familiar to be washed with a dishwasher.


  • Metal strainer make it durable and easy to carry anywhere
  • Fits perfectly in the any coffee mugs
  • Impressive design to make the item look good at your home


  • Can be a little bit tricky to use the amateurs of coffee brewing

#3. Lavazza IL Mattino Vivace, 200 g with Café Style Coffee DIY Kit

It is a perfect gift for coffee lovers because the beans are extracted from the western guards of India. You are going to get a hundred per cent pure filtered coffee powder which includes arabica and also the robust a coffee. The blend of this incredible mixture provides you with a soothing taste and an aroma. The texture is medium to dark roast, and it is a very soft and intense note along with caramel.

It is preferred to use a traditional coffee filter to filter this coffee, and the combo also includes a booklet which can tell you different ways of making different types of copies. The country of origin is India, and the product is a hundred per cent manufactured in India.


  • Great taste for the coffee lovers
  • Traditional coffee making process is retained and reflected in the process
  • Recipe book includes many coffee making ideas


  • Ideal only the experts of coffee making
  • Strong taste may not be so good for the light coffee lovers

#4. SignoraWare Eleganza Carafe Flame Proof Glass Kettle with Stainer

Transparent kettles are pretty popular, and it is one of the famous brands in the market. It has a capacity of 1000 mL. It comes along with the lead. The material used is glass, and the dimensions or 8x8x26 cm. It is made out of borosilicate glass and can withstand a temperature of up to 35°C.

It is very safe to be used in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer and also a dishwasher. It is entirely different from the regular soda-lime glass, and he’s not going to turn milky after a specific duration of usage.

It is pretty easy to clean as it comes with a detachable Steiner, and you can maintain it any time you want. The class is also non-porous, which allows it not to observe any scenes or orders from the process of making coffee. It comes in a transparent colour, and the glass material makes it quite attractive. The package contains one piece of the kettle, and you might also get some offers when it comes to prices.


  • The glass of the kettle does not let any chemicals into your coffee
  • Compatible for both freezer and microwave
  • Crystal clarity allows to check if the cooking item is prepared


  • Glass body is prone to damages
  • Shape is not very ideal for travelling purposes

#5. DPISZONE Digital Kitchen Timer with Alarm

Gift items must always not be limited to the one use only. For a coffee lover, the digital kitchen timer is an ideal gift item as it can be used for cooking food, workouts, sports, homework and many more. It comes along with an AAA battery, and you will get it inside the package.

The screen provides your timings which is very easy to use as it is an LCD, and even if your eyesight is weak, you can easily use this item.

It has a loud sound alarm to easily hear even if you are not in the kitchen or the other room. It is not always necessary to keep your eye on the timer, and you can move around and do other chores While the coffee is being prepared.

It is straightforward to operate as it returns to the last setting for whatever was your recent task. When you set a timer for five minutes, a no-action zone will be activated. Have a countdown capacity of up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.


  • Longer life of batteries with digital LCD screen
  • Shows hours, minutes and also seconds
  • Small size makes it compatible for every place


  • Less strong material makes it prone to damages

#6. GROZ Heavy Duty Measuring Jug with Food Grade Polymer Body

Gift items for coffee lovers can also include the measuring jug because the right amount of coffee and water or milk is essential. The packet contains one unit of 600 ML jar when a unit of 2 L jar, and one unit of 5 L jar.

It is made out of a heavy-duty transparent polypropylene body, which is quite durable and can provide you with exceptional optical clarity. It can be used for various things, from measuring food to microwaving it at a higher temperature.

The wide range of applications may also vary from household to industrial uses. The V-shaped spout of the jar makes it very easy to pour anything out of it. It also comes along with an ergonomic grip which does not allow the jar to slip out of your hand.


  • No need of a funnel to our in or out
  • Transparent body gives accurate measurements
  • 3 different sizes makes the package versatile


  • Prone to scratches due to ageing
  • Measurement labels vanish with time

#7. Maggi Olga 1000 watts Travel Kettle

The lightweight body of the schedule makes it one of the best products for coffee lovers in India. It is a travel kettle very well due to its compact size and lightweight. The body is relaxed, even if you bring a coffee. The wattage capacity is 1000 watches, and it also facilitates auto cut-off. The heating element is Teflon coated and sealed Die Casted.

It comes with a capacity of boiling 500 mL of liquid equal to 4 cups. You can boil water and use it to make coffee, baby food or tea. The body is made of plastic, and the operating mode is coded.

It also comes along with a lockable it, which makes it even more protected along with the dry boil protection. The package includes a user manual, warranty card and the central unit.


  • Lightweight and durable plastic in making
  • Can be used for both personal and commercial use
  • Low electricity consumption


  • Plastic body reduces the attractiveness
  • Heavy food items may stick to the Teflon coating inside

#8. SHAFIRE 350ml Kitchen Stainless Steel Craft Coffee Cup Frothing

It is made out of stainless steel and is a capacity of 350 ml. It does not come along with the lead, and the material is highly preventive against heat.  Dimensions are 7.6×9.4 cm.The stainless steel coffee jug has a moulded pouring spout and a handle for a perfect grip. It prevents the coffee jug from slipping out of your hand, and it can also act as a milk foam in the picture.

You can make cappuccinos and a Cafe latte in your kitchen without hassle with the stainless steel craft jug. It is made out of stainless steel, making it rustproof and crash-proof.

It does not obtain any stain because of its material, and it is specially made for daily use. It is unbreakable due to its durability and the strong material used in its making.


  • Low cost item
  • Saves plenty of space
  • Leak-proof seal for storing semi solid and liquids


  • Can lead to altered taste if food kept inside for longer time

#9. Lock & Lock Classics Short Square Food Container (600ml)

Airtight container with a perfect seal and great elasticity power can help you lock your frothed coffee for a long time. It has the hollow centre silicon and is very much friendly with a microwave, freezer as well as a dishwasher. The raw material used in its making is highly durable and heat resistant, making it close to the human body. It has a capacity of 600 mL, and the colour is clear but not completely transparent.

The design provides a perfect space if you keep it inside the refrigerator, cupboard, freezer and also in the drawers. The BPA free material used in its making ensures that it does not cause any harm to the environment. Semi-transparent colour and plastic material makes it highly durable and prevent frequent damage. In the package, you will receive one unit of the item.


  • Time saving as it is easy to clean
  • Stainless steel for longer life
  • Easy to operate for every age group


  • Manual operation can make the frothing process time consuming
  • Inside measurement level may not be the most ideal thing

#10. Exexus Home® 220 ml Basic Tea Cup Coffee Mug

Gift items are highly ideal for hot and cold drinks in which you can serve tea, latte, espresso, coffee, cappuccino, smoothie and also juice. The double-walled glass provides it protection against damages and also does not let the heat from inside the glass come on the outer surface. It is highly condensation resistant and is made out of scratch-free borosilicate.

The material also ensures that you can keep your liquid water for a longer duration because of the double walls. It is capable of being used with the microwave, oven and also freezer. It is dishwasher friendly and, therefore, straightforward to clean.

The overall design of the glass makes it very easy for anyone to clean it with bare hands. It comes in an acceptable form, and the brand is generic. Each class have a capacity of 220 mL, and you are going to get six clear copy much in the package.


  • Lightweight despite the double layering
  • Made of glass for glossy finish


  • Prone to damages due to being made of glass
  • Not scratch resistant

#11. GSQUARE Local Studio Pottery Ceramic Coffee Mugs

It is a stylish and versatile item that you can use for various things. You can serve tea for yourself and also, you can use it during a party with your friends. Apart from this, the sleek design of the item makes it very much suitable for being a display item on your table or in your kitchen. It can be used in home decor as the design catches your eyes very quickly. It is made of ceramic, and the art style is used in this studio pottery, and the mug is fired at 1200°C.

It is microwave friendly, dishwasher safe, and safe for being used in the oven and freezer. The material used is lead and cadmium free which makes it a great food item. You can use it for serving food and beverages without any health concerns.

It is a handmade item, and therefore, you may not receive the exact colour as shown on the internet website. It is made in the article by the artisans and, therefore, can serve as a unique item for your house.


  • Glossy finish make the item look attractive
  • Usable with microwave


  • Deep cavities in the handles are not easy to clean
  • If used in microwave, takes time to cool down

How to choose the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

If you want to gift someone items associated with coffee, it can be of great meeting for yourself or the other person. A significant reason behind the same is that people consume coffee in their daily routine in many places where it is an essential item in their lives. If you want to give a coffee item to your friend or someone in your family, you must consider some crucial factors.

The details regarding essential things to consider when purchasing gifts for coffee lovers in India are below.

Frequency of usage

It is also quite an important thing to consider the frequency of usage for a particular item that you are purchasing for someone who likes to drink coffee a lot. Some people do not prefer drinking coffee every day, and therefore, gifting something which does not come into their use can be a foolish thing.

For instance, you might consider a gift like a cup of coffee to someone who does not even drink coffee every day. So, this gift item will be less beneficial for that particular person. On the contrary, you can go for something which can be put to a variety of uses, like a measuring jar that can be used for coffee as well as water.

Coffee type

The type of coffee a person drinks is also one of the most important things you must keep in mind when you are gifting him something associated with coffee. For instance, you should always consider purchasing a transparent item for someone who likes to see what the coffee looks like while making or consuming it.

Also, make sure to consider the material out of which the gift item is made because it must never interfere with the aroma and the taste of coffee that the receiver of the gift likes.

Likes and dislikes

When you purchase something for someone who loves coffee so much, you need to be quite aware of their likes and dislikes. When you consider the likes and dislikes of the person to which you are giving a gift, it becomes easier for you to properly evaluate if a particular gift item is going to be suitable for the person or not.

Colour preferences

Colour preferences must never be ignored while gifting a particular item to someone else. For someone who likes to drink coffee every day, you must give a colour which they never find boring.

If a person is given something that has a colour which the person does not like, it can be a severe issue as he will not be happy with what you are gifting. So, always check the colour preferences of the particular person to whom you are giving something.

The task can be pretty tricky, and therefore, certain essential things must be evident in your mind. With all the vital considerations, the job will be a lot easier for you to finish and also, the receiver of the gift will be happier with what you are giving.

FAQ on Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers In India

Is coffee frothing mugs easy to use?

Yes, the coffee frothing mugs are made with an easy to use design so that everyone can operate them to make a fantastic cup of coffee. It does not include procedure, but you can make a cup of incredible coffee within a few steps only.

What is an ideal budget for buying a good quality coffee frothing mug as a gift?

Coffee is quite a popular item across the globe, and therefore, a variety of brands are dealing in the things related to coffee. When it comes to a coffee frothing mug, the ideal budget you can set may vary between Rs.500-Rs.1500.

What are the most popular coffee brands across the globe?

The coffee industry is massive, and you can find plenty of brands on the market that you can choose from. A few of the most popular brands worldwide are Nescafe, rage coffee, blue, Blue Tokai, death wish and Starbucks.

Does frothing affect the quality of the coffee?

The equipment used for preparing a coffee or not made out of any material harmful to humans. So, the mugs used for frothing coffee may affect the quality and aroma of the coffee positively only. It makes your daily cup of coffee better than ever before and provides you with an intensive taste rather than drinking it usually.

Final words

Buying a gift item can be quite a hustling task. It requires a lot of market research, but it is also crucial for you to decide after being informed about all the aspects. It is makings not the best choice when it comes to gifting something to your loved ones, and it sometimes turns out to be very bad.

So, the details given in this post will be pretty helpful for you to purchase a gift item for someone who loves coffee more than themselves. Even though it will require a little bit of research and hard work, you will come across the best gift item with the details given in this post.

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